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Relationships can be difficult. When we talk about relationships, we often focus on romantic relationships. But healthy friendships and work relationships are also important. Knowing how to build and maintain adult relationships is important to mental health as well as workplace success. Friend relationships are often the ones that can help get you through other difficult times in your life. So how do you build and maintain relationships?

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While relationships impact our mental health, it is important to remember that our mental health can impact on how we connect with others and how we develop relationships. Mental health problems such as depression and anxiety can influence whether someone feels able to interact and connect to others.
If you have access, couples counseling or bringing your partner to individual therapy sessions can help. Talk about your mental health so your partner can come to better understand your mental illness symptoms
Recent studies from Ireland and the USA have found that negative social interactions and relationships, especially with partners/spouses, increase the risk of depression, anxiety and suicidal ideation, while positive interactions reduce the risk of these issues.

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